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Please remember this is fun chat don't insult or use bad language when chatting with other people. We have the most users of all instant teen chat more than 10,000 profiles.Currently on the site is a debate with Jose Canseco, the famed US baseball player, who debates his worthiness in the baseball hall of fame after his admitted steroid use, with Deeyoon user Ari Levy.Michael Lohan, father of troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan, debates Octomom Naoya Suleman, the mother of octuplets, about whether or not children need both parents.The chat has helped thousands of users to find the information they are looking for or chat about a burning issue.

At the end of debates, such as “Should the US adopt Canada’s drug control tactics? ” viewers can click on who they agreed with and leave comments. That companyis now a multimillion dollar company called North American Dental Wholesalers.”Kalfa moved to Israel three years ago and has invested or founded several other startups, including Caplinked, Wahooly and tweet TV.By requiring a Facebook login, Kalfa believes the site won’t become vulgar or inappropriate, like other online video-chat platforms that do not require signing up.The company’s business model is currently split into three forms of monetization.The app's launch was accompanied by a huge advertising campaign, with billboard adverts showing the app's yellow smiley face with one eye covered by an eye patch.In one scathing review on the Android app store said: 'This app encourages bullying..anonymous message is enough to cause the damage,' while others call the app 'evil' and 'the perfect platform for bullying'.

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To create buzz, the company is paying celebrities to participate in debates on the site.