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The museum contains several large Musqueam artifacts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as many contemporary works commissioned from Musqueam artists such as Susan Point, Joe Becker, and Robyn and Debra Sparrow.

The museum's Great Hall contains many fragments of totem poles from Haida and other First Nations villages along British Columbia's coast.

The most iconic object in the museum is probably the yellow cedar sculpture The Raven and the First Men by Bill Reid, which was depicted on the Canadian twenty-dollar bill from 2004 to 2012 (the Canadian Journey Series).

Other notable Bill Reid works include his Bear and Wasco (Sea Wolf) sculptures, some of his gold jewellery, and a prototype of the Haida dugout canoe he carved for Expo 86.

Recently, This museum includes a number of large sculptures, totem poles, and cultural artifacts.

Although MOA's focus is on the First Nations of the Northwest Coast, the collection of 38,000 ethnological objects includes objects from all continents.

The MOA has an extensive collection from the South Pacific.

In September 2010, a reflecting pool was added to the front, funded by Yosef Wosk, OBC.The earlier collections came to MOA via missionaries, travelers, and ex-colonial officers.The collection includes masks, Yoruba thorn carvings, over 100 Makonde figures from Tanzania, approximately 100 Asante gold weights, weaponry from South Africa and about 100 mortuary objects from Egypt. The Chinese collections include between 10 pieces of Chinese ceramics, Chinese calligraphy, and paintings (with four recently identified masterpieces from the collection of Ho Ping-ti).In 2006, the Museum launched a multimillion-dollar project to create a new research wing, as well as new offices, laboratories, a culturally sensitive research room, recording studio, and a new, 5,800-square-foot (540 m) exhibition hall: The Audain Gallery.Other enhancements included MOA's new Multiversity Galleries, the creation of the RRN (Reciprocal Research Network) linking Northwest Coast collections around the world, a relocated and expanded Museum Shop, year-round cafe, and courtyard and outdoor 'events pad' suitable for facility rentals. Budgeted at .5 million, the Renewal Project received .4 million in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (.2 million each), the University of British Columbia, UBC Faculty of Arts, and the museum itself.

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The Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library and Archives is open to the public.