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Sample dating service form

In situations where supervisors are filling out these documents, it is wise to have them reviewed by the company's HR professional before communicating with employees.It may also be advisable to have the final version of your form reviewed by legal counsel, especially when significant infractions or problems are involved.In some situations, it can also be a good idea to have your employment law attorney review the completed forms in advance of sharing them with employees as well.

It is important to document each step within the disciplinary process.The disciplinary memo can also include an inference to future consequences, such as loss of their job if the problem is not rectified.Finding the right words for an employee disciplinary memo can be difficult, especially if you are one who likes to avoid confrontation.Of course, it will need to be edited to meet your needs based on the specific situation with which you are dealing, but it does provide a good starting point.Click the image to open the printable PDF template in a separate window and save it to your hard drive.

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It is often used during initial conversations about disciplinary problems and is followed up with a memo when the problem continues or exacerbates to the point where further action is necessary.

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