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Sex chat essex mobile

Marie Dent, 44, seduced the boy after using a child's photograph and false name to create the account and pose as a 15-year-old online.

Dent, who lives in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, used the account to chat with the 15-year-old boy and conversations soon became intimate.

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A woman who set up a fake Facebook account to pose as a teenage girl so she could groom a 15-year-old was exposed when the boy's mother caught them having sex in his bedroom.

We didn't when baby was in our room the thought of it felt weird and wrong Even though he was asleep I mean I just think you would put porn on when a baby is in room that's essentially a similar thing watching people have sex.He couldn't see through the moses basket or sit up yet, and i think we managed to do it a few times and he never woke- only problem is we found it hard to concentrate if he made any gurgling etc.That being said now he's in his own room we still struggle if he makes a noise on the monitor!Trying not to make any noise or breathe too loudly in case they woke up!We only ever do it downstairs these days as our son is in my room and our daughter has the other bedroom.

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Plus For me personally I just could not relax enough knowing they were in the same room as us.